How to Prepare for Job Interviews. What's your experience and what would help you to know ?

Q:What would you like to know to be ready for a job interview ? A: I like to know the name of the Interviewer. The best route to the interview. Details about the company I am applying for.

Are you scared of Job Interviews? What scares or worries you the most ?

How do you prepare at this moment for a job interview? How do you prepare to answer to the most common questions? Do you get usually a job offer after a job interview ?

You see, last year I changed my job and it was very easy for me to get hired because after almost each job interview I got a job offer. Some of my friends asked me how I did it, what I said to get so many job offers, so I prepared for them a course where I share with them, and other people interested, what to include and what to avoid in their answer when they prepare the answers to the most common interview questions ( FYI -you can find the course here - free access: ). Now I want to develop and improve the course and make it useful for every job seeker who wants to prepare for a job interview, that why I am curious about your experience, what you find the most difficult and what you would like to know to help you get the job you want. I am aware (and hopefully you as well) that the job interview is not the only factor to consider in getting a job (the job searching process doesn't mean just job interviews), but in my opinion the interview the key moment when it's decided if you get a job offer or not. Please feel free to share with me you thoughts , experiences or any other comments you have.

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