How do you prepare for your sessions?

9 pm. The night before.

Boy oh boy, tomorrow is going to be a fine day of prep. I'll work on a dungeon, a town and some hooks. Just one more quick match then bed.

2 am...

just 1 more.. game...

4 am...

sleep ...beckons

11 am. The next morning.

Good morning self. That was quite a dream. No you didn't kill grandma. Oh there's a nice feeling of dread. Good morning to you too. So much prep. Maybe some more sleep first.

12.30 pm

Probably should wake up now.


Eggs, most important meal of the day!

Should take a shower.

It's a lovely day.

Better go for a walk. That will refresh me for some serious prep work.

2 pm.

Right I'm refreshed.

Time for some hardcore prep.


More coffee!


Open laptop.

Better check reddit first for some prep tips.

Oh that’s an interesting article, oh this video is good, oh look a message from my room mate.

4 pm.

….right time for some serious prep work now. No distractions. Lets go.

4.30 pm

Well that’s one dungeon roughly sketched, small achievable goals, probably should take a food break to reward myself.

6 pm.

Kinda sleepy. One quick match wont hurt.

9 pm.

Oh god its late. Oh shit. I have nothing to show for anything. Where did all the time go. It’s running out of my hands of sand in an hourglass. I’m going to die alone. Existence is

No. Relax. There’s always tomorrow.

One more game


3 days later.

Session night.

I have a half sketched map of a dungeon, 1 npc and 3 one sentence hooks.

This should be fun...


My prep advice?

Take an improv class.

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