How do I report a seller?

Did you also tell them its OK to increase the price of the item they are selling, or did you just wanted lower shipping price?

No, because at the time I didn't realize that part of the cost of the book had been shifted to the shipping cost.

You after-all you "expect the listed price to increase" right?

I expect that, should the seller stop overlisting their selling charges, they would raise the listed price to make up for it. That doesn't mean I would pay that much.

If the seller would lowed the shipping cost, but also increase the list price by the same amount; would you then buy the book?

No, I wouldn't have. I took notice of the listing solely because the book was very cheap and contacted the seller because I was under the impression that shipping charges were actually shipping charges. I knew what they could ship me the books for, so I messaged them. If the listed price had accurately represented what the seller wanted for the book I wouldn't have taken notice.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE THEN? You still pay the same amount in the end!

The difference is that they are purposefully misrepresenting what the money they charge you is for. Maybe you don't care if you're being lied to, but I do.

all because you believe that someone should administer their business the way you see fit.

I believe they should be honest in their business dealings.

As to being rude, I would like to see screenshots of the conversations and see for myself. I am sure others here would like the same. These days when people are told no, they tend to flip out and make a big fuss.

You can like whatever you want. If you don't believe that he was rude, that is okay with me.

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