How do you resist the urge to offer a solution when GF/wife is venting about some issue she is experiencing (work, friends, life, etc) for which you clearly see an easy fix?

Remember that your goal is to be helpful, because you are an awesome and caring partner. When you remember what your goal is, and you already know that simply listening/allowing a safe space to vent is more helpful than offering solutions, then hopefully it becomes easier. Also remember to give your partner some credit-- there's a great chance she's already thought of some solutions. That's not the point. She needs to get some stuff off her chest.

If you're ever unsure-- here's a tip I've heard before that has worked wonders. At the beginning, just Ask her if she would like you to listen, or offer advice. :) Then you know from the get go what's needed. I've heard employing this simple technique has eliminated many a would-be-arguments, and makes everyone feel more comfortable with expectations clear.

Good luck to all of you out there. <3

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