How do you respond when a girl calls you "Daddy" in bed?

Exactly. It’s the association with the word itself. I’m all for some dom/sub stuff, but there’s all kinds of stuff you could call someone, or be called, instead. Some people on here who are into it don’t seem to understand this side of it.

If “daddy” is what some people are into, and can do it in a context that works for them, then by all means. But for some of us it’s about an unconscious association with that word that you don’t like being sexualized, because you’re used to using/hearing that word a different (non sexual) way 99% of the time - so hearing it in a sexual setting is just off-putting.

That being said. It makes you wonder if some people who are into using those words in a sexual context do have some kind of unconscious association kink that goes beyond the dom/sub stuff. Not consciously engaging in age play or pedo-type stuff. I mean like a oedipus thing. But I digress…

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