How to restart the Tasmanian economy?

Stategic supports for the quality tourist experience would include:

Access to information on all businesses (not just those who are paid members of an industry body), services (gov and private), and opportunities - preferably in the one contact point or portal (website, phone, shopfront, paper)

Guarantee of secure entrance and exit points - (possibly have one dedicated airport for cargo and separate access points for passengers, passengers airlines will be Kiwi - truckies can freight cargo, also encourages a round trip to exit point encouraging a distribution of tourist dollars to less population dense areas)

Update signage (internal infrastructure project)

Provide updated and dedicated tourist maps (business, natural wonders, cultural heritage, accomodation) - digital and paper

Deals, vouchers, coupons to encourage additional spending

Identified protocols and procedures for medical concerns including cost and location (covid testing, doctors, hospitals, psychologists, sexual health ( for ramant Kiwis)) etc.

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