How’s this for a first time gaming PC ?(1250 pounds)

So, the b450 msi board is not worth it. They aren't using 570 boards. You'll be missing out on the pcie 4.0, the ssd is horrible. 240gb and through a sata 3 port. Fuck man just grab an nvme 1tb 2280 from western digital, samsung or adata, or who ever you choose will still be 200%+ faster than that kingston ssd. Ram is okay, not best for the buck i juts got 32gb steel series viper 3200 mhz for a deal. Just remember the faster the ram the better the overall performance of your gaming computer. The power supply is on the low end. You want a bit of headroom for just in case some more power is wanted. It would be okay for a 3500u apu but for two hungry amd parts this is a bit of a problem. Get a 800w-1Kw gold from lepa or evga seasonic and you'll be fine.

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