How’s the new break policy going?

Many departments besides front end are suffering from having to constantly stop what they’re doing to take the 10 second breaks we have once we make the long journey to the break room.

Initially, I hated the idea of bagging to cart, but I actually really enjoy it now. We only have one staging table vs the 8 we used to have. I’ve only used a table for a 200+ item order. I’ve bagged a 135 item order in my cart before. Bagging to cart keeps things pretty organized if you do effectively. I generally start off in produce, but if I have many heavy grocery items I head there first so that I can bag them and store them under my cart. You can fit ~9 bags in the standard sized shopping carts we have. 10 if you use the baby seat. If your carts don’t have a bottom portion then god speed. It’ll take a hot second to get used to.

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