How should I go about finding my business partner?

Easy - Pay, do a f&f round and use upwork or a freelance in LCOL area or LATAM to develop an MVP.

And for the longer answer - People who knows how to develop usually have their hands full with things they want to do, so your business administration SHOULD come from an ivy league and you NEED to graduate summa cum laude with a hell of a network if you want your problem to be "how do I protect my idea from being stolen" (when there's 20 people standing in line to join) rather than "how can I convince someone to join" (when you first need to find that person who can make a nice fat pay-check outside but would rather work for free in order to make YOUR dream come true).
If you're actually bringing value to the table (again - you have the right connections to some serious deep pockets and\or you're a business mogul) then join meetups in your area, look for a partner in your college hackathon events and find some relevant people on linkedin.

Also - like /u/mikeg53 wrote - There's quite a distance between an idea and the right execution, so even if someone will steal your idea it will not help him too much since he will have to stand out between a billion apps on the store by guessing your entire business plan...

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