How should cardio feel?

There is no absolute answer. I played soccer through college and there were times after sprints where I had to lay down for a minute because I couldn’t even walk to go get a drink. Your body needs to get conditioned and that only happened by pushing it to the limits and forcing it to grow. Sprinting 100 meters is going to get your heart rate up faster than a slight 400 meter jog. There are so many things that goes into how tiring an exercise is. Try doing as many burpees as you can in a minute and compare it to how you feel when you job down your street and back. Assuming you don’t have that high of a pain tolerance or you aren’t motivated enough to cause yourself to collapse you will never reach that point and therefore always will be able to do more. Your body isn’t stupid it knows when enough is enough regardless of what your mind wants to do. You just need to push the boundary. Rest and repeat. Resting a minute or a day but just keep going.

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