How should the Democrats combat Trump's fearmongering?

There are more than 5000 racists, homophobes, islamaphobic people in America

I literally said that myself.

31 out of 330 million, in a place that voted for Trump and falls for bullshit like the migrant caravan?

There is nothing fucking racist about voting for Trump or being concerned about the migrant caravan. There was plenty of reasons to vote for Trump that had nothing to do with his arguably race related policies.

when the shit did I say "murderous"?'

They are the only racist that matter or whose opinions should be inherently discarded or demonized. People who are scared of crime ridden black heavy neighborhoods are probably technically racist but it does not make them evil bad people whose concerns should never ever be taken into account if you do your basically telling them to lay down and fucking die when they are murdered by a minority.

Being afraid of someone automatically because of their skin color is wrong I 100% agree, but being afraid of the people of specific countries who have monumentally horrific crime and atrocities happen in them daily does not inherently have a fucking thing to do with the predominant race of their nation. No one of relevance, not Trump and not the VAST majority of his voters believes that Hispanic genetics causes people to be more likely to commit crimes.

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