How should I pursue mma

First of all, you're still very young, and it's likely you'll find other hobbies and interests before you even get to college and decide you want to continue to pursue wrestling or any sort of combat sport.

With that said, if you really believe this is what you are put on this planet to do, here's my advice.

So first, I would say stick to wrestling, and only focus on that for now. It takes a lot of discipline to stick to a sport and while you're wrestling in HS, as the days turn to weeks and then to months and years, you will either become more disciplined and mature and become one of the best wrestlers in your HS or you'll hate it and half ass it or quit.

Lets say it's the first premise. After years in highschool and college of wrestling, you can then focus on striking, because at that point you are 100% sure you want to pursue this dream and know that you have the discipline and motivation to actually become a professional fighter.

There are plenty of gyms and you mentioned one of the best in the MMA community. Once they know your credentials as a successful wrestler and see how hard you work and want this, you will fit in with all the other passionate fighters in that gym.

So whichever gym you choose, whether an MMA one, strictly kickboxing/muay thai, boxing, jiu jitsu, there will be guys in there that will have already fought either amatuer MMA or professional. They will help you get your first fight and guide you in your process.

Good luck, kid.

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