How should someone time their Championship push?

For me, I'm trying to build a solid foundation at QB/WR/TE in my 10-team SF TEP while actively rostering pure trash at RB (except for Javonte).

Currently I have:

QB: Dak, TLaw, Tua, Minshew, Mond

RB: Javonte and a bunch of garbage

WR: Devonta Smith, Waddle, Jeudy, Bateman, Eli Moore, Gallup, Chark, Ruggs(for now), Gabe Davis, Josh Palmer

TE: Pitts

So I already have a foundation set at QB and TE and I feel pretty confident about the future of my WRs.

I have 3 2022 1sts, 2 of which are probably going to be top 3 and the other should be a mid-1st. I have 2 2023 1sts and plan to add more.

When I took over this orphan, it was ELITE at WR but trash everywhere else and only had my own draft picks. No extras. I traded away a lot of proven studs at WR but upgraded massively at QB and added a ton of draft cap. My WR group has the potential to be as elite as the previous, but now I'm elite at QB and TE (or should be soon at least). All I need now are RBs and maybe another good WR prospect and I should be competing no later than 2023. I have the picks to make it happen.

So to answer your question, if you have all of your high-longevity positions set, you're ready to start focusing on acquiring RBs and making your push.

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