How do some gods/princes and events exist that directly contradict another Race’s pantheon

A personal theory of mine is that all myths are equally true and that's due to the war between the army of Lorkhan and the Army of Auri-El in the void that was so bad that it "absurds all narratives".

It said that all narratives concerning the spirits and events of Dawn have been rendered 'absurd' due to the complete disintegration of even the basis of reality due to the War of Manifest Metaphors, to the extent that an 'objective reality' even existing is suggested not to apply

Others (it is always Others) contend that the Moons are literally the rotting corpses of Lorkhan himself, spinning in eternal dual ellipses above but ever beyond that creation for which he gave his Heart. But the War of Manifest Metaphors has rendered this (and all narratives) absurd.

I think what Lawrence Schick says best explains it.

Well... it’s not a world like ours. In a world like ours, where you can sort of trust in science and say “well yes, people have different beliefs but I know there is an objective reality.” This is a world of myth. This is a world where reality is actually changeable, where the Divines can change not only what happens going forward, but what has happened in the past. So, you know, the idea there is an objective reality behind all these different people’s opinions is not necessarily the case in the world of Tamriel.

I think that all myths are equally true due to their not bieng a true objective reality and that all narratives are equally credible in tes even contradicting ones. I myself believe the stars are holes myself but that's my opinion.

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