How do you spot another INFJ in real life?

I’ve only met one other INFJ that I know of, and he is my boyfriend! We are very similar in some ways and very different in others.

Me: Artist, from an upper-middle-class background, outgoing, art teacher and also manager of the studio where I work. Interested in gardening, hiking, nature. Can be very flirty and charismatic, but in practice I only have one or two truly close friends at a time. It takes me years to feel truly connected to someone. Prone to taking solo camping trips or solo traveling to other countries. Physically uncoordinated.

Boyfriend: Lawyer, from an upper-class background, friendly, very quiet, sweet, civil rights advocate. Interested in sports and regularly plays in rec leagues. Not very touchy-feely or flirty. Big reader. Has several large circles of friends.

Commonalities we both share: Passionately idealistic, very conscious about the comfort of others, prone to sacrificing one’s own comfort for others. Great listeners, very interested in observing human nature. Have deep convictions but they may not be apparent right away when meeting us. Confide deepest, darkest in pretty much one or two people at a time. Prone to depressive mood and anxiety to varying extents. Like to plan the next time we see somebody fairly far in advance. Reluctant leaders who prefer to lead by example rather than dominance.

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