How to start a liquor cabinet frugally?

This is going to sound crazy, but bear with me. Contact any drug and alcohol rehab in your area, especially a hospital psych ward, and ask if there are any parents who need to empty out their liquor cabinet to avoid temptation for their alcoholic teenager upon their return home.

I was a corporate wife in the 90s and we hosted many office parties. We had an extensive liquor cabinet but did not drink, hardly, ourselves. My child’s rehab doctors insisted that our home be alcohol free before she could come home after an inpatient stay, and it was part of the contract. I was too embarrassed to admit to any of my friends or neighbors that I was looking for someone to give the bottles to (and why). I dumped probably $900-worth of top shelf liquor down the drain, maybe more.

FYI : My child who had the problem is now 43 and survived to live a good life, but it was a hairy few years.

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