How it started and how it ended

I would argue that some of the cops treasonous stepping down (where cops never unwillingly step down in the USA from ANY confrontation, they are on here arguing all the time why they have to shoot to kill ) was the amongst the bigger crimes today. There were some heinous people who need to be gone after in full, those who led and vandalized. Most however of these mental handicaps were just cruising through a frat party which seems more misdemeanor-ish. They should get chastised and slammed with thousands of hours of community service, but I don't know about hard time. Why does this country think prison fixes anything? The cops that let people through the barriers and put the lives of congress in peril and compromised the material and documents of our country-- that is high treason. I'm not saying all the cops, but clearly this couldn't have transpired without collaboration. The politicians and promoters and milita groups that have been putting this together for months, that is high treason. The yahoos that followed the spectacle are shitheels, but most are probably not more than shitheels swept up in a frenzy. But I could be wrong.

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