How it started vs How its going

What I don't think is health is other people telling what is right or wrong for people that sees things different. What you're saying have a lot in common to the early theories of gays being degenerates, pedos, victims of sexual abuse etc.

Some people want to fuck hot people and go Live their lives single, that's it. No trauma, no daddy issues, nothing. Obviously Hollywood wants US to believe that every overly sexual girl was raped etc but that's not True at all, or else where comes from the hordes of overly sexual men that would not bat an eye and fuck everyone they see everyday?

I'm not some kind of white knight but we see everyday prints of dudes "I WILL FUCK YOU NOW IF YOU WANT" as first message and no one says a thing about a "toxic hookup culture" but when a girl does something similar... The western society is failling, toxic culture etc. It gets old Fast this kind of narrative.

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