How do you stop the obsession with a specific video?

I tried that, I deleted it like 20 times at this point, but always end up redownloading it. The fact that it's available on several sites does not help.

The worst thing is I think I find it too relatable... Like it's a pov video, the guy has basically same exact body type as I do, and I know for fact, that he is a fellow no-fapper too. The video in question was taken while he was on a streak, so he cums quickly and basically covers her.

All of this works into feeding my addiction/ fetish, because I every time I bust to that video, it feels like I'm the one that had sex, and the longer my own no fap streak goes, the more I wanna do it, because it's basically re-anacting that video.

It's really fucked up.

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