How To Make Sure She Won't Cheat

This is pretty significantly false in my experience.

I've had one LTR that cheated on me, and it destroyed her life. She knew that it would. Granted, I was not entirely in the alpha zone at the time, but I wasn't a full-on beta bitch, either.

We lived together and were basically 50/50 on essential finances, but without me there was no way she could even hope to maintain her lifestyle since I made three times as much as her. She normally would have had her father to fall back on for short-term financial support while she got a new place, but when he found out she cheated on me and was trying to kick me out of a house she couldn't afford, her own father disowned her in the resultant backlash.

The guy she cheated with lied to her, claiming he had at least a decent employment background/income potential, but it turns out he is in his mid thirties and has never had anything better than a minimum wage, entry level job and has been unemployed and mooching off his grandparents for seven years. When she found out about this lie, she dumped him for a total of 4 days while she begged me to come back (ha!) before she turned back to him.

The guy was exceptionally low-quality - had no real friends, no money, was overweight and unattractive but was a textbook Machiavellian personality and she was gullible as fuck.

When I left, she had $15k in savings and no debt, and the last time I talked her (six months later), her savings were 100% gone and her credit cards were maxed out. She actually asked me for money.

My TL;DR here is that women will cheat, and they absolutely do not think it through or perform any sort of tangible cost-benefit analysis.

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