How do I talk to my bf about our future?

We've had a couple of tiffs, but we've talked them through. I suppose when I say we don't argue, I'm referring more to bust ups as that's what my frame of reference is. My mom and stepfather always went in for raised voices. My last relationship was not healthy and there was a lot of fighting. Maybe it would have been better to say we don't' have fights. We generally talk things out before it gets to that stage.

I did worry about the commitment stuff at first, but we've been going strong and he is very present and active in the relationship in a way I know he hasn't been with previous people he's dated. He makes time for us, calls me often just to check in , he has introduced me to the important people in his life and I am part of the furniture in his house. None of this has been the case with anyone else he dated and I am more confident in us as a result. I don't want children, so cohabitation and marriage are important to me. He has told me that he wants it to be me and him, all the way.

To be close to her we would need to build a house, as we are rural. They have land and this is a possibility and something he has mentioned briefly previously, saying that money wasn't an issue because he wants us to be happy.

It's all bits and pieces of conversations though. It never amounts to a game plan, and I think that's what gets me down. I just want to know we have some semblance of a plan for how we get to the next stage. We already agree that living together is that next step.

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