How do i talk to my self conscious girlfriend about taking her clothes off during sex after 6 months?

Idk if this helps or not, but when I was younger I had phymosis and was super concious about it to the point that I couldn't even have sex because they would see my penis. Nobody ever saw my penis at that point. So after a while my gf at the time with whom I hadn't had sex yet because of the issue just said to me one morning "ok enough of this bs, just show it to me"(she used nicer words). I looked at her for a second and thought "ok this is it, it's now or never" and in the most awkward fasion got my crotch in her face, removed my pants and let examine it like she's some doctor. She put it in her hand and was like "that's it? I don't get. Does it work, can you use?" I said "uuuh yeah". She just smiled, got me hard and we finally had sex. My heart rate went from 180 to 80 in that moment and a huge weight fell from my shoulders. After that it was like the whole thing didn't even happen.

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