How do teachers feel about homeschooling?

Thank you. I am well aware and respectful of your point. I think about that all the time. Here's how I justify it. Right now, at this age, I am building their strength in self, so that if/when the time comes that they deal with peer pressure, they are already equipped with self confidence in dealing with it. I can't look to build it in middle/high school, because by then other outside influences have taken lead. I don't think ALL kids are bullied or peer pressured. I certainly wasn't (thank God!). But I do think that some kids are exposed to certain behavior in middle and high school that really is isolated to that time and environment. Once you leave that school, that experience is instantly over because you're not going to be around everyone in school anymore. But sadly, many kids who are not prepared with that retrospect fail in handling such situations. I think this is why we see school shootings, because some kids don't see an "end" to their dire situation. Also, I do think they are building immunity through the kids that they do see and play with who are not perfect (just like my kids are not perfect either!). We've had several conversations about playground behavior and teammate behavior and how to deal with it. So, they get it, just in less doses. Thank you again. Your input is extremely appreciated!

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