How do teachers get fired?

I'm a first year teacher. I got fired after a month with almost no explanation. I had two unancounced observations that were posted to an online system but never discussed with me. They were't great (lessons needed some help, kids were off task). I was admittedly over my head: My classroom management was not up to snuff, but it was a rough group of students (inner city, low-income school, undiagnosed learning disabilities, kids screaming at me and each other . . . in previous years kids had thrown furniture), my lesson plans were not thorough (I had 4-5 hours of instructional time per day, and I was the only teacher at that grade level, so I had to spend hours and hours planing), and I had missed a few deadlines (turning in sub folder). I definitely think I needed to improve, but I don't think it was grounds for termination. They didn't try to work with me. I was fired literally 24 hours after the second observation and given no reason other than I was not good fit for the school. I only know what was written in the observation because I got an e-mail saying that it had been submitted to an online system. I had scheduled a meeting to discuss the observation with my principal the next day. I was fired right before that meeting was supposed to take place. I checked with the Union to see if this was even allowed. In my district, a school can fire a new teacher in the first 90 days for any reason. Also, I can never work in the district again once I've been terminated. And I'm afraid I may not get hired anywhere else.

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