How do I come to terms that I am worthy of losing weight, that I am worthy of taking care of myself, and that I am worthy of being seen?

This is really good, "divorced my personality from my weight" is an awesome description to say that.

Currently losing weight aswell and I have also come to the point where I see it as a medical condition, kind of like a disease that I need to take care of, because in the end this is basically what it is (for me at least).

Too much body weight often goes hand in hand with other stuff, most people do not get overweight because they adore those bodies. They lack knowledge to proper nutrition/cooking, have those habits since childhood, have mental health problems, other medical conditions that make it hard to lose, just love tasty food or thousand other reasons.

The point is to recognise the WHY and then try to work with it, accepting your body as it is and forgiving your old self. The past is done, you can only change your future body.

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