how to test the law with small things and difference to SC work

starting small is fine, i never said not to start small! when i first come across manifesting, i used it for stupid things because although i believed, i didnt. but testing turned into more testing into even more, i wasnt using the power to my full advantage because i relied so much on the tests to determine whether or not it worked, i saw it all as consequences.

personally, i dont see an issue saying if you need to test there is no belief there, is that not technically right? i didnt discourage testing, i didnt say OP do not test, i gave examples on how to. is it simply not the same as others being told if theyre checking the 3D theyre not believing? i simply saw it as a mere push, for OP to look at the comment and think ‘oh maybe im not believing, lemme work on that’

i wasnt coming at OP, i wasnt looking down at him! we all start somewhere and thats ok, start small, start big, start wherever you please and itll all come.

im not some master at manifesting, im still on my own journey and im also still learning myself. as i said, i saw it as a little push for OP to be like oh maybe i do need to have a bit more faith.

i didnt come to argue, assume i was better than anybody here and assume that im some master at everything. words may have been twisted, people may have gotten the wrong idea and i apologise for that, i wasnt here for that, i was here to offer a little help to OP

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