How the turn tables

What you just said comes off incredibly emotionally... it sounds as if you hate people who watch fox news and think they are all stupid. I'm not calling you a racist, but racism happens when one applies a subjective generality of people of one race to every individual of that race... don't apply the same logical fallacy to any subcategory of humanity.

More on topic, though, if they have mislabelled Bernie's policies, I would stand with you against that. Honesty in politics on policy and everything else is paramount to the civility that people always seem to long for. Looking at his policies, however, they are objectively utter horseshit and I wouldn't cheer for them like these alleged Fox viewers did if they came from Reagan, Washington, Lincoln, or name generally beloved president here.

Tldr; A policy is a policy, don't let the personality stating the policy change what you think of it.

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