How do u construction guys get women?

I started a construction company immediately after I got out of the Air Force. I bought a duplex close to the beach and it was adjacent to a commercial street. I frequently parked close to a gym and saw an unusually attractive woman 2 days in a row at the same time. I was remodeling the bathroom and I was in a work truck. The fourth time I saw her I walked over and said hello and attempted to introduce myself. She put her hand up and said no,no,no and walked away. I am 6-0" into bodybuilding and frequently told I am attractive. I had never been rejected like that and I was unaccustomed to it but I accepted she was just not interested. There was an awards show for real estate developers at the end of that month and I won in my category. That same woman presented my trophy and really smiled. Backstage she started flirting and gave me her number. We met out that night and the following morning I asked her at breakfast why she blew me off. She was shocked and said omg that was you " I thought you were some broke handy man". It was worth it however, because her roommate was even more attractive and kept her around for an entire summer.

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