How unapproachable is the hijab?

I seriously doubt you'd have any luck with any man that isn't a devout Muslim. Maybe that's what you want though. If your looking for a relationship based on something more than a common belief, then you're gonna have to put a lot of work in. Basically, you're gonna have to learn how to be a guy when it comes to the dating scene. You'll have to approach men you like. You'll have to work hard at keeping the conversation going. You'll have to ask them on dates etc. If you want the easy ride, and to be asked out instead of doing the asking, you'll either have to lose the hijab or go down whatever routes devout Muslims usually go down.

I'd like to clarify that for the most part, the hijab isn't abhorrent to most men that aren't Muslim. But as another redditor said. We think of you as sexless beings, like nuns. Many men might find you stunning. With, or without the hijab. I personally think they look quite nice on some people. But I would never ask out someone who wears one. Cause honestly, what's the point in asking out someone who displays herself as devoted - in her entirety - to God?

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