How the wealthy talk about the poor

Its adorable how you think I'm a proto-facist and you don't even know what nationalism is, its love for ones nation, culture and language. You here are putting me in and framing me as an ultranationalist, racist piece of shit. I am neither a racist, a homophobe or a sexist. You take things out of context, did you even see what the post was about? You know nothing about me or the full extent of my views and I can't even put things into perspective properly in text, especially in English which isn't my first language. I don't misuse terms however I see fit, I know the definition of them from the dictionary, but you my dude learn them from your leftist propagandists. I see no point in even arguing with you anymore, because you'll just continue spewing things that are out of context, assumed and so on. I'll leave this on a FUCK YOU, but have a nice day. Again no beef just attacking your opinion, whilest you continiously attack me as a person. anyways.

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