How do you know when to simply stop trying? (Also a specific question regarding undereye concealing)

I suspect that my solution would be labeled as giving up by some but after literally years of trying and too many mistakes to count there are some things I've just let go.

  • undereye circles - Thanks to genetics I have terrible undereye circles. If I put on enough product to cover them I look about 2 decades older and a cakey mess. This is true no matter what I try. Now my goal is not to erase the under eye circles but to decrease them just enough that people don't gently take me aside and ask if I'm really tired. A dot of concealer. A whiff of powder. That's it.

Special looks for special events. Unless I have hired a professional MUA I know that the more important an event the greater the likelyhood that I will mess something up and then be hugely stressed about it. This means that on such occasions I do a very simple, natural sort of look and only use those products that are tried and true. I do the fancy stuff when I've got nothing special on the go. If I make a mistake then I can just wipe it all off and walk away from it.

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