How do I withhold sex without offending the guy?

Because I have been hurt nymerous times and I am REALLY FUCKING TIRED OF IT.

Men who date me for a few dates, get angry when I say I want to wait, so I give them the benefit of the doubt, then they disappear. And the sex was awful too.

Men who only see me as a vagina with legs.

Men who don't give a flying shit about MY protection and either refuse to use condoms and get angry when I insist or try to force things by removing it when I say no.

The man who raped me.

My ex who was alcoholic and physically abusive and put me through five months of hell.

The guys who put pressure on me, only to last three minutes due to their porn addiction.

My former best friend who has a self described 'Asian fetish'.

I have EVERY RIGHT to wait for commitment and EVERY RIGHT to demand to be treated properly and with respect which includes my wants and needs in bed being attended to every time. I am entitled to it if YOU want sex and 90 percent plus of men don't care. YOU are NOT OWED sex just because you can't be bothered committing, or caring properly about your partner.

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