How I Won 80% Of My a20h Spire Runs for a Month

This post is a little cringe in that he’s complaining about others focus on WR doing 100 run samples per character and offers a 15 run sample per character as evie is superior. One where he had a 16 rotating streak at that which itself implies a high roll. As a viewer I got into STS through Jorbs YouTube content. And then his twitch then the other more skill based streamers like Lifecoach, Xecnar, and merl. From watching a lot of all of them I can say that those 4 are in one higher tier, and Xecnar is by far the most useful to watch learn from. He does min/max in the same way as Lifecoach plays at a similar level but rarely tilts and most importantly clearly explains what he is doing and why.

Also all the streamers but jorbs interact with chat and even when getting barraged by dumb ideas rarely snap or ban a viewer for suggesting a card or line. Lifecoach, and Xecnar regularly involve talking through their logic and that makes for a much more enjoyable stream if you yourself feel confident to offer suggestions.

My feeling was jorbs twitch was always focused on farming content for YouTube, being the runs he can win in ~1hr. Thus his style is about quick deliberate not engaging with chat on strategy, and only post the ones that win. I couldn’t really enjoy the channel much once I found the enjoyment in watching Xecnar or Lifecoach really think through their runs in a methodical way and engage with their chat. Jorbs does seem to be actually depending on twitch/YouTube as a living where I gather Merl, Lifecoach, and Xecnar mostly stream for fun so I can imagine there is a necessity to try and maintain the top tier status to continue and command a larger audience but I think it’s the wrong approach. Papparato is another great streamer and his streams are just fun and chill listen to music he is still playing at s high level but he isn’t trying to be the best and that’s fine.

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