How is work-life balance at your work?

What actually triggered my thirst for revenge was a small thing. I got really ill for a week and a half this summer and I had to bring in the filled up sick notice. Sick notice had a section where you had to fill in how many hours you work per day on average, so I wrote 12h. When I brought this in, the guy from the office said - no, no and scratched out 12h and entered 7,5 (my hours in contract). All to avoid paying proper wage for the first three days of sickness. Also my contract consists of two A4 sheets and says I need to give three month notice to quit. When I asked if they can print out a full contract (there is supposedly a copy of a full version on the notice desk), bookkeeper became slightly weird and made up some excuse. I talked to the other guys and all of them have this bullshit thin contract of two sheets. Noone has even full copy of contract at home. That is ridiculous.

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