How is work at oil rigs?

I've researched, and it seems there is a lot of money to be made in that setor.

Yes, they do make a lot of money but you realize you're working 12 hours for 2 weeks on 1 off, middle of buck fuck no where most of the times, in shitty hotels/motels/camps though some are good but those are not as common to come by, same goes for the food, you'll be eating premade sandwich from gas stations, and the food at camps can be good or awful. As for the work environment, you'll be dealing with great people most of the times, but there are few that like to play around if you're new, such as telling you to ask your supervisor or whoever else for a rear packing and if your a person of color or have an accent dont be surprised if you get teased a bit but don't take it in a wrong way, well, atleast most of the times. You're gonna have a hard time getting a rig position with no experience at this time, but you may have a slight chance in November/December/January when work has peaked for the season, but I dont know how they feel if you don't already live in Alberta, you may have to bullshit and say you're family is from Edmonton and you'll be moving back there. Don't bother applying if you don't have your first aid,h2s, and whmis. Also, you need a vehicle, anything except a car and van is fine.

You're best bet at getting an oil and gas job is a well tester. Those guys are indeed of anyone that has a pulse. Some will hire you without h2s and first aid, but it's way better if you already got it. I'd say well testing is your best bet of getting a job here. It's decent pay, starting rate is $250 with $50 daily allowance but it may have gone up due to them needing more people. Do this in the mean time and apply for rig potions.

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