How would you describe the most beautiful man/woman in your eyes?

Well... Considering I get to voice my perfect person and keep my anonymity, allow me to dream out loud.

Physically, it's easy to describe my perfect girl. Tall. Skinny. (I'm tall and very skinny. I hate that I'm attracted to the "standard" beauty combo, but I think being male, it's instinctual to want to feel bigger than so) Preferably pale. Zero make-up. Prominent eyebrows. Mousey. Long hair in a braid with bangs. Small breasts. No perfume or deodorant . No shaving.. Maybe legs if needed.. But definitely not pubic region. Or armpits.... So cute. Very human. Laid back to fancy style. Jeans, sweater, clogs. This Jonathan Richman song sums it up for me

Personality is a little more difficult... I'm always so happy to find and learn about qualities in people that I never knew existed. The standards are : kind and honest. Must have weird and smart sense of humor... and also be a bit of a weirdo. Must not be superficial, but should care about aesthetics: Nice furniture. Natural elements (no glade plug ins and bleaching the counter top etc). Must love nature, clouds, and healthy foods. Considering I just went though the ringer with my last girlfriend who was terribly flighty and extremely flirty with other men, I really like the thought of someone who's very loyal and sets clear boundaries with other men. I'm not typically jealous, but man... My last relationship put me through the ringer in that regard. Oh and must be responsible and mindful with money. That's a big one. So sexy watching my SO not buy something expensive, even though she could, because she's into saving money. Oh man. Not joking.

I've dated three girls who were my perfect physical type to the T as I described, but we ran into unfortunate obstacles. Depression. Straying heart. And I've kinda dated/befriended a few women who are perfect personality matches, but I just didn't find physical attraction spark. Terribly unfortunate. Waiting on that perfect combo.... Some day.

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