How would you feel about having a mandatory class in high school that teaches about budgeting, handling or avoiding debt, making good investments, signing important documents, job interviews, and other important adult life skills?

We had a class called career and personal planning which I assume was for stuff like this. It was only once or twice a month and a different teacher every year and there was no cohesion. They just taught about whatever they figured would help us. One guy just told a lot of stories about his time in the army, how he doesn’t date smokers and his complex father issues. For some reason that’s the year I remember most vividly.

I really wish there’d been a class teaching some basic financing and the responsible way to use a credit card. Like most young adults I had to learn the hard way arduously paying back a massive credit debt in my late 20s. Maybe some people need hard lessons, but I sometimes wonder if creditors and lenders lobby against this kind of education. Keeping a financially illiterate population really works in their favour. Keeps kids over borrowing and people investing in crappy financial products like mutual funds with ridiculous management fees.

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