How would you feel if your parents/family didn’t like your partner?

Unless they had a really good reason I probably wouldn’t care. My mom hates my husband because he’s British, and the reason I was able to stay in a country 8 hours ahead of her. The reasons she cites are that he’s lazy and poor. (Keep in mind that for the last two years that I’ve been a student he’s made 90% of the money that supports us). Mom also still thinks I’m going to marry one of my best friends - a guy a went on a date with once when I was 15. He was valedictorian and now he’s in an industry where a starting salary is three times my household income, and he’s American, so in mom’s eyes he’s perfect and anyone I’ve dated since can’t compare.

My dad genuinely seems to forget that he’s allowed an opinion, I think he’s just happy he met this one. We didn’t have the best relationship when I was in high school so he only ever found out I was dating through my younger brother. And being a 12 year old boy, when asked for details the most he could give was “__ seems nice. He bought her chocolate and she gave me one”. So his disapproval would probably be taken more seriously, but it would be hard to say since he can’t have met him for long!

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