how would one truly ‘get out’ of the matrix/capitalist society?

You don't. As long as it exists you're in a prison. The only way out is working to towards its destruction or transformation. I'm walking a unique path to its transformation. I'm becoming spiritually powerful until I can out capitalist everyone and transmute the matrix value system. For example, people don't understand that love is far more powerful than power for itself. America could be 100× stronger with love. Power for itself has severe limits in power generation. However the issue is people don't care because in service to themselves that's enough power. We have to culturally advance ourselves beyond self service and into community service. Most people want community service deep down. They want purpose more than a few extra dollars. It's a bottom up change with our value system. That's the answer. Every induvidual needs to have their perspective shifted slightly through artful compassion. You guys have no idea what's coming. There's going to be huge cultural shifts in the next 5 to 10 years.

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