How would a therapist react if I said all of this?

She did not swear at me, but she was a bit rude when she told me to leave.

I don't think she thinks she did anything wrong at all. I bet she thinks "I'm a great therapist because I was able to use my client as an emotional punching bag for my own personal shitty day, and she just cried in response instead of calling me out on my BS during the session. What a pathetic, weak, vulnerable, stupid little bitch."

FYI, I cried because I was so confused, upset (NOT about her leaving), and angry.

Well, yes. If my therapist were to die or commit suicide, that is taking the easy way out. When you die, you don't feel anything or suffer at all.

That is why I want her KID (someone she presumably loves and cares about) to die, so SHE can suffer.

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