How would your ex describe you?

Last two "He's crazy and needs help".

Yeah. I'm the crazy one.

Ex 1: You were caught red handed french kissing "Amanda" (who was some douche you met on OKC), moved out the next day, turned my roommate against me as revenge, and then accused ME of cheating as well as giving you an STD (that you had acquired from said douchebag). Then, when you find out he only wanted you as a groupie, you used me as a stepping stool to the next guy while leading me on with the belief WE would work things out; even after your lies, betrayal, and vindictiveness, even after breaking me emotionally as well as financially, I was still in love with you. I would have done anything to put that past us and continue on as a couple.

Ex 2: I came back to Canada for you. You bought $2k worth of appliances, furniture, and bedding for me. You then took your retarded ex back out of pity a week before I land, had him move in, and shut me down as a kind of back up plan so you could, "Try to make things work". You avoided me, started hitting the bottle hard to the point you were getting drunk each night, and then had the nerve to get pissed at me for emotionally unravelling because someone I cared so deeply for was sleeping across the hallway with another man while keeping me as some dirty secret. You then proceed to throw me out and then fire me a week after I paid rent.

I tried to kill myself specifically so I didn't have to become a penniless, homeless, jobless vagrant with absolutely no one to turn to even for just a talk (which is where I was after Ex 1 cost me my job, home, friends, and savings). That doesn't make me crazy, that makes me someone who lived through hell and suffered through it long enough to never want to go there again.

Yeah. I'm the crazy one. I wasn't until two people I loved decided I was little more than a means to an end that could be disposed of with the same thought and care as a used condom.

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