How have your relationships worked out?

Not super, my dude. My relationship of 13 years ended last week, largely (as far as I can tell) because of my deteriorating condition. It's hard to love someone who doesn't want anything to do with other people and society at large. She has problems of her own, sure, but it's safe to say she was more normal than me. She would cry for reasons I wouldn't understand. She'd want to do things that I wouldn't understand. She felt obligated by things that I wouldn't understand. And I guess my endless cynicism, nihilism, grumpiness, shitheadery, whatever, just became too much. Can't blame her, and didn't make much effort to try to convince her to stay. She's the most fascinating intellectual challenge I've ever met, mysterious and weird and unconventional, and thats why i loved her for so long, if it was love. So hard to figure out. She was definitely the least boring person I've met and pretty much the one single person whose presence I could tolerate for an extended period. I doubt I'll put much effort into finding anyone else, I'm just grateful I had someone like that for a time.

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