How's this pc that I was offered? I'm a new pc gamer and just wanna play at 1080p and medium to high settings. Thanks!

You couldn't put that rig together for that cheep, and it will do what you are asking of it. The parts are solid parts. 400 is a decent price but you're getting all the cheepest parts that are still decent. 400 is actually pretty appropriate for that system, but it shouldgame at mid to high on non aaa titles. On aaa you might have to make some small compromises to keep the framerate decent.

If you dont have a pc, buy it. Its a dexent deal and a good starter pc. Ars technica has a deal sheet they put out twice a week or so and you could find a similar system there, pretty regularly. Although waiting on a sale you'll be less likely to find something so catered.

Honestly, its hard to say if i recommend it. If that's all yhe money you have, you're not likely to find a better pc at that price, but, for like 200-300 more, you could have a much much better system. But 200 isnt much to me and it might be unreasonable for you.

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