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Here is a quick recap of what we can expect at Token Summit today:

Notable speakers:

Erik Voorhees (Shapeshift), Shawn Wilkinson (Storj), David Vorick (Sia) Join us to talk about Business Models Behind Tokens.

Andy Milenius (Maker), Ankur Nandwani (Coinbase, Brave Advisor), Joey Krug (Augur), and Nick Tomaino meet to talk about the Token Launch Best Practices.

Brian Armstrong (Coinbase) and Nick Tomaino, A talk on Coinbase’s new Ethereum-based messaging product (Token)

Surprise Announcement: William Mougayar interviews a founder who is announcing a special token offering. ( The company with millions of users that has been talked about ).

Tim Mitja Zagar (ICONOMI), Brock Pierce (Blockchain Capital) and many others talk about cryptocurrency related fund investments.

Will Warren (0x), Luis Ivan Cuende (Aragon), Stephan Karpischek (Etherisc)

Brendan Eich (Brave, JavaScript Developer), Ned Scott (Steemit), and Nick Tomaino talk about Attention Tokens and their potential to monetize the content of the internet.

Linda Xie (Coinbase), Zooko Wilcox (Zcash), Julian Zawistowiski (Golem), and Nick Tomaino speak on the subject of Blockchain Governance in the Age of Token Sales.

Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures), and William Mougayar make a quick recap and reflect on the event.

I tried to narrow it down as much as I could to Ethereum related news. Overall I think we have a great day ahead of us. Source can be found here:

Im not the very good at formatting, but I did my best. Have a great day everyone!

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