HTC explains why "VR is dead/dying" articles are nonsense

I doubt it will replace all screens for very many people. I can see it being a common peripheral, but if all you're going to do is watch a few videos, or do some internet browsing, a headset is going to be annoying to fuck around with while not being significantly better for it than a monitor/tv etc. And it'd make it more difficult to do other things in the background like eat, talk to people, cook, or whatever. There's nothing wrong with being excited or enthusiastic about what the future could bring, but it sounds to me like you've gotten a bit over enthusiastic, and are ignoring potential shortcomings.

It does seem like fear of change is core to this.

Or maybe it's keeping in mind the current limitations of VR headsets that are unlikely to completely go away (bulk, price, motion sickness, cutting yourself off from anything other than the headset) and maintaining a bit of skepticism instead of giving in to hype, because of some hypothetical future solution that might not completely solve the problems.

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