Huge possible spoilers for WrestleMania. Read at your own risk.

If I was booking, I'd have Brock Lesnar show up the raw after wrestlemania and flat out have Heyman say "My client, Brock Lesnar, will not be defending his championship until Summerslam." After Extreme Rules WWE announces a huge round robin tournament with 12 wrestlers. The top 4 advance to a single elimination tournament at battleground to determine who faces Brock Lesnar. Have it include: Cena, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, Rusev, Seth Rollins, Kane, Big Show, and Bad News Barrett. Book Ziggler and Ambrose as the heavy underdogs. Book Daniel Bryan as the man who wants to prove he is no longer the underdog and can hang with the main eventers. Book Randy Orton how Triple H was presented in Wrestling isn't wrestling. Have him develop an inferiority complex and he wants to prove that he can become WWE champoin without the help of anyone. Book Bray Wyatt as a good old fashion monster heel who only loses once in the whole tournament. Do the Math so it comes down to Wyatt and Bryan clinching easily (don't wanna make it too dramatic and predictable). Then Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler face each other in each man's last match of the first round. The winner gets in. A face versus face match with interesting characters both having something to prove. Orton wins. The underdog actually loses for once. Then, Dean Ambrose must defeat the undefeated Bray Wyatt to make it to the knockout round. He wins in dramatic fashion. Orton vs Wyatt and Bryan vs Ambrose are set for the knockout round. Wyatt looks weak . He's finally been exposed by Ambrose. But he is still the same monster who tore through the tournament before and has already figured out a way to cover his weakness. He beats Randy Orton. Daniel Bryan faces Ambrose in another great face versus face match, but like many cinderella march madness teams realize once they hit the elite 8 or final 4, flukes happen and you just weren't good enough and lucky enough this time. Daniel Bryan wins. Then you have your epic final match set. The unstoppable face versus Unstoppable heel. Two men with history before this tournament. You have an instant classic set up. Daniel Bryan wins and proves once and for all that he is a main event player and not the perpetual underdog. If you have Daniel Bryan go on to beat Brock Lesnar or not. I don't know there's definitely value in both options.

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