Huh. It's almost as if no matter what vegans do, we are always the asshole

I’m just smarter than the average bear, how and what I hunt is my choice ! You have every right to your opinions. I haven’t decried anything about your choices and lifestyle. I’m just complaining about your attempts to enforce your beliefs on others. There are religions which seem to think they have the right to enforce their codes and beliefs on others, wars have been fought over things like that. We need to wean ourselves from fossil fuels, promote clean energy, figure out a way to get the left and the right to do their jobs , come to a workable compromise and run the dam country to the benefit of everyone not just the special interests. Figure out a way to handle health care so that an illness doesn’t ruin you financially to profit corporations. And sure we need to all eat more natural foods but gradual change will be accepted and extreme forceful attitudes will trigger resistance.

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