Humans are giving many other species cancer: Meta-analysis finds enough to classify Homo sapiens as an “oncogenic species”

I believe you've put too much emotion into this instead of what is truly needs a logical approach. You're a product of where you're born, who raised you, and the influences on your life. When you start looking at religion and faith through a logical or scientific view you see that humans use it as a security blanket, and to explain what they don't know. It hides us from reality and leaves us with the hope some magical being with grace us with enternal life (why? Because no one wants to die, it's terrifying).

My grandma once said to me "North America needs another war or great depression to bring people back to god". What she essentially said is "people need to be scared and have nothing left, and then they'll want god." Sooooo basically a security blanket. I personally choose to believe that if there is a god he doesn't give any shits about you, me, or Nanny McPhee. We're here, we live, we die, done.

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