Humans aren't more special than animals TMBR

I find that viewpoint really offensive, because it devalues the entirety of human accomplishment and society that came before you. You're sitting in a house that you did not build, using words that you did not invent, wearing clothes that you did not create. No other animal gets that luxury. You were born into a world of nearly unimaginable hardship yet you can be completely oblivious to that because of the sweat and blood of our ancestors, who built the roads and shelter you use every day. Hundreds of thousands of people died colonizing the land that's now safe for you to walk on. You don't even gather your own food. You wouldn't even qualify as an animal if you were let loose into the wild and had to survive on your own because humans have created an artificial meta-environment out of a natural one, which no other animal has done or apparently can do.

There are no other animals even remotely close to humans in abstract behavior, and the entirety of documented history is literally a testament to the "special" nature of humans. Unless you can show me examples of other animals rising out of sentient unconsciousness with rampant hyper-specialization on par with humans, then this is an exercise in nihilistic fever-dreams and it is shamefully inconsiderate and ungrateful.

Humans have set the bar so astronomically high that we have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find examples of animal behavior that comes any where close. Search on YouTube for "amazing octopus" and what do you get? An octopus opening a jar. Really. That's amazing? It's not amazing. It's only amazing because our expectations are so criminally low -- it's nowhere near as amazing as the intangible, digital environment you're exploring and the mechanisms needed for YouTube to operate.

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