Humboldt Park man guilty in 2017 stabbing at Northerly Island concert

His friend Nick Stiso defends him in the article claiming they're a "pro-american fraternity", which is just a cowardly way of saying White Nationalist or White Power Group. This article is reporting on how Thomas Christensen stabbed a man at a concert, but his friend launches into their right-wing agenda crying about-

“Chicago has been very corrupt for a long time against anything that’s pro-conservative,” said Stiso, who said he lived in Englewood before moving to the near west suburbs. “The Democrats have had a stranglehold on this city for six decades, and they act like thugs.”

The one thing you always notice about these people is that they gain energy from constantly playing the victim. Okay Nick Stiso, your friend lives in the mindset that he needs to brings a knife to a concert, coincidentally gets into an altercation, stabs a man while losing in a fist fight in such a way that was labeled a "death blow", SKIPS AN ATTEMPTED MURDER CHARGE, buuuut this is because White Republicans are at a disadvantage in America... Maybe your "pro-american fraternities" just love being hateful and angry all the time.

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